C.Q. will provide the following turnkey services for multi-family, senior living, large commercial and residential projects:


Building Insulation

Fiberglass Batt & Blow

Semi-rigid Fiberglass Board

Products:  Knauf, Owens Corning, Johns Manville, CertainTeed


Mineral Wool Batt & Safing

Products: Thermafiber, IIG, Roxul, Delta


Open & Closed Cell Spray Foam

Products: Icynene, BASF, Demilec


Rigid Polystyrene and Polyisocyanurate Board

Manufacturers: Dow, Greenguard, Rmax, Johns Manville, Owens Corning


Spray Applied Cellulose Wall Spray

Products: Celbar by ICC, Greenfiber, Applegate


Spray Applied

Products: K-13, Monoglass, Thermacoustics, Mascoat