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Fi-Foil AA2 Vapor Shield

Fi-Foil AA2 Vapor Shield™ is a reflective insulation intended for use on furred-out masonry walls. The inside layer is .00035" aluminum foil. The outer layer is 35 lb. natural kraft paper coated with polyethylene, laminated to flange boards or expanders that separate the paper from the foil creating a reflective air space. When installed on furring strips spaced 16" or 24" on center, a second reflective air space is formed.

R-Values with High Perm
3/4" Cavity R-4.1
7/8" Cavity R-4.6
1.5" Cavity R-5.1

Please click here to download a copy of the spec sheet for this product.

Fi-Foil VR Plus Shield

Fi-Foil VR Plus Shield™ is a triple-later reflective insulation intended for use in vertical wall cavities formed by furring strips attached to the inside of masonry walls. This product is formed by an outer later of 35 lb. white kraft paper coated with polythylene, a later of 30 lb. natural kraft paper laminated to a minimum .00035" 99% pure aluminum foil. Upon installation the layers open using internal expanders. VR Plus Shield™ can be installed on 16" or 24" furring.

Please click here to download a copy of the spec sheet for this product.


Fi-Foil RBI Shield

Fi-Foil's RBI Shield (Reflective Bubble Insulation) is a multipurpose insulation for residential, commercial and agricultural applications in roofs, floors and walls. RBI Shield is available in double bubble and single bubble. The products are available in 16", 24", 48", 54" 66" and 72" widths, in rolls 125' long. RBI Shield is also available with an integrated tab. This option eliminates taping the seams. RBI Shield can also serve as a vapor barrier.


R-Values with RBI
Draped over Purlins with 1" airspace    
Foil/Foil Facing    

Above is information on our most commonly installed products across Florida. A wide range of other products are available to meet your building specifications.


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